Doubt#Daily Prompt#Attempt 102

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

There should be a shining light
But their eyes are full of Doubt
They often try to laugh but their hearts are filled with fears!
Alone when they walk
Feel the pain they bear,
On the long road of life…
Their destination to them is not clear!
Oh! in this fully crowded world,
They have no one who is dear!
Outside they look sweet & innocent
Inside they are torn & wear!
So enormous is this world but
They are orphans here!
Though precious life he gave,
Still god’s decision for them is not fair!
Instead of this cruel punishment,
They deserve lots of affection & care!
Deep they touch my heart and
Their grief I want to share!
By gifting smiles to their lips,
And some dreams to those eyes!
Giving reasons for them to believe,
Life could be beautiful if tried
And they are special here!!

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