50 thoughts on “Century of Daily Prompt Along With Reaching 200 Posts On WP :)

  1. Great to have posted 200 so far and completed 100 daily prompts. You must be really popular and a good poet to have so many readers.

    My 59 th post is ready as I have posted 58 so far As a former student of mine mailed a lot more info on my last post, I am wondering whether to make that the 60th post and stop or carry on up to 100 though I know VERY FEW read the posts and fewer react. NONE of my former associates or students clicked on a ‘like’. Obviously what I wrote was trash, ravings of an old man who is ‘stoppable’ at 76, as no one wants to know. Whatever they want to know they get from Google God. So why write?

    Need advice – Sop at 60 or go on till 100?

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    1. Sir I have a lots of respect for you! You inspired me writing my 100 posts so please don’t stop on 60, let your pen keep rolling.
      Can you leave your mail id here so that I can contact you.


  2. बधाई!
    आगे की यात्रा भी सारगर्भित कवित्व से परिपूर्ण हो,अनंत शुभकामनाएं!

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