Quicken/ Reached Century of attempting daily prompt ☺

Quicken#Daily Prompt#Attempt 100

Heart beatQuicken

Palms turns wet
With cold sweat
Nerves become tense
Legs go weak like jelly
Refuse to support
The body weight
Clouds of tears
Ready to explode
Their heavy load
Weak smile fails
To hide this all
As time runs fast
And we reach close
To bid goodbye
To other part of our heart
Has this happened ever
With you all?

Copyright © 2017 All rights Reserved Wings Of Poetry, Meenakshi Sethi 

23 thoughts on “Quicken/ Reached Century of attempting daily prompt ☺

  1. The pangs of separation are felt, as you rightly said, at airports and railway stations, as one bids goodbye to loved ones, and how deeply it pains, and hat is when we feel the existence of loving hearts…

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    1. Thank You so much sir! I’m soon going to close this just waiting for completion of 101 prompt!
      I’m feeling as if I’m losing my way with words now so will take a break for sometime and will post just random poems!
      I’m truly humble for your encouraging words! Thanks ones again! ☺


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