Slur#Daily Prompt#Attempt 95

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest 

Infinite attempts of molestation
have been made
Infinite times she has been raped
Infinite jokes have been told
targeting her
Infinite ways to defame her
Infinite times you crushed
her voice
Infinite names have been given her
to victimize
On every opportunity you tried and Slur her integrity
All her life she overworked
though she is
Unappreciated and deprived
But she is still rising high
But she is still shining bright
Girls need to be respected
and not to victimize…


30 thoughts on “Slur

  1. Infinity times she didn’t care,
    Infinite times she walked away,
    Infinite times she proved herself,
    To be the boss.

    And all you could do was,
    Talk talk talk,
    Slur her to your delight,
    And believe it’s alright.

    She woke up with you in bed,
    She woke up in a cradle,
    She woke up in a temple,
    You prayed to her,
    You preyed upon her.

    Much to your dismay,
    Infinite times she has proved,
    Those slurs slip away,
    Like dew on a waxed leaf.

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