Baby#Daily Prompt#Attempt 96

With Baby steps
Life proceeds further
Growing responsibilities
Gaining experience
Increasing wisdom
Constructing life
Often I think
Where will it take?
What is its aim?
Why all this drama?
My thoughts take me
From one extreme to other
With no conclusion
Then tired of Overthinking
I sip my tea
Lightly smile
And like a carefree baby
I let it be…


29 thoughts on “Baby

            1. Thank You so much Miriam! I can’t express my gratitude in words here but do remember you are always in my prayers and heart 💖
              Two years back docs announced he has only few hours left and told us to call our near ones but me and my sister refused to accept it and continued to pray believing firmly nothing can take him from us not so soon atleast and believe me a big miracle happened and saved his life. Yes only God is incharge! 🙏

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              1. Yes, God is in charge. In my ‘cancer’ journal, I said I felt like resting on a bed of prayers, and the prayers carried me through my whole journey. God answers our prayer for the ones who are so weak that they can’t even pray for themselves. God heard yours and your sister’s prayers and saved your brother. We have to continue to pray until he gets well!!

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  1. Sometimes we tend to get in our own way of growth
    and we do need to simply sip our tea and let it be.

    Wonderful creation, I enjoyed it greatly!
    Thank you for finding my blog and following ….
    I enjoy your writings and am also following you.

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  2. Loved it Meenakshi !!
    Best is to go with the flow and believe in his plans
    If you feel comfortable, what happened to your brother, read the above comments, I am glad he’s okay and wish he stays fine
    Much love and respect !!

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