Juicy#Daily Prompt#Attempt 89

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest 

Those beautiful days
And our naughty hearts
How I miss today
Our Juicy talks
Our non stop chatting
While lazy walks
Outburst of giggles
Without any cause
Juicy gossips
Uncontrolled laughs
Those were years
Of You n Me
That innocent age
Was so carefree!
Those sweet memories
And juicy we!

26 thoughts on “Juicy

      1. Yes, it’s healthy also to keep the friendships. I’m glad my daughter and her husband have a group of good friends. They encourage each other. The guys live very frugally and save up money to buy homes, instead of wasting it. I’m touched by that group of young people. People in Portland, Oregon are down to earth, casual people!

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                  1. That’s so precious. I’m taking a poetry class. One week was for poems written by or for children. The one who led the class showed a DVD interviewing kids in a poetry class. It’s very well done. It’s only about US$6.00. I’ll find the name and you could order it to watch with your daughter!

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