Seriousness#Daily Prompt#Attempt 85

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest 

How could one resist
Life’s invitation
And proceed
Towards death
Which has not chosen you yet
Why to wait on it’s door step?
Why so much Seriousness ?
Why to die when you are still alive
Turn back and see
Life is so tempting
I’m sure you can’t resist
If you would learn to find
The beauty hidden inside!
Through clean and clear eyes
And your soul’s insight
No pain is large enough
To be able to engulf
Your remaining breathes
No loss gives you validity
To destroy
This gift of almighty!

25 thoughts on “Seriousness

        1. So true…and the pain it gives is felt by my family. Recently a young cousin of my ended his life. My own bro is slowly killing himself…
          I feel like shaking these people and wake them up. It feels that they are in deep sleep not knowing what are they actually doing

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