Lukewarm#Daily Prompt#Attempt 84

So many emotions rising
In a flash of a moment
Rushed out of eyes
Lukewarm tears
Sad smile
Broken heart
Tired mind
All that was boiling
She tried to hide
Cooling down
And gulp inside
With lukewarm sip of coffee
Only to find
Rushing back memories
Flooding once again
Those blurred eyes!

34 thoughts on “Lukewarm

    1. @meenakshi madam you nailed it..A pakka comment on all your blog post by this gentleman. You don’t even need to open a notification to see the comment

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        1. @Sangbad No…Sorry to disappoint you with that
          It’s always same so it becomes very much visible.
          I appreciate Meenakshi’s work and your comments are like a pattern on all blog post of hers, without a change. So it sounds funny.
          No sarcasm in it, you may appreciate her work the way you want. It’s just something visible without making an effort.

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    2. The tears and coffee maybe lukewarm, but the poem is not. The poem is warm, with the boiling tears in her eyes. Sangbad, sir, lukewarm poem mean something which is not hot or cold. I’m sorry that this is my second time I responded to your comment (your comment – a lukewarm poem…and nailed it, are opposite to each other).


      1. The feelings that I want to imbued my words with/ Are getting, but, with what we knew already/ Not with what I want to say…
        The poem seems to me very much intriguing…the way she express the complex feelings in simple words is what I find lukewarm i.e. very much warming to me…and as far nailed it goes…its my word of appreciation to her writing & nothing else…

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        1. The word lukewarm is not the same as warm. lukewarm is dull. It is a negative, not positive word. Look up the word in dictionary or google: Lukewarm is the same meaning as
          synonyms (same meaning): indifferent, cool, halfhearted, apathetic, unenthusiastic, tepid, perfunctory, noncommittal, lackadaisical, unenthused;
          So when you said her poem is lukewarm, you’re saying the above meaning to her poem. I like her and don’t want her feeling to be hurt.


          1. Ma’am I had used the word in irony form…i.e. in positive way…I think Meenakshi Ma’am will get my words in positive manner & will not get dishearten because she knows how I play with words I use to depict my Thoughts…


            1. You cannot change the definition that is in the dictionary. It’s just like I use the word black to mean read. Never mind. I know I’m not the only one disagree with you. Your comment will be out of my sight because we don’t use the same dictionary. So feel free to use your dictionary, I won’t bother you anymore. You don’t have to explain any more either, because it doesn’t really matter! Good night!


              1. Cherry, Miriam and Sangbad….I read all of these opinions and one thing is clear that I’m so lucky to have you all as my friends or should I better say as a family as you all love me. Really really thankful for this…
                Let’s drop this here with a group hand shake and smile πŸ™‚
                But wait…..Sangbad you have to promise me you won’t appreciate my next post with…’Nailed it’ now 😍
                Haha just kidding….by the way Cherry is right please write something different this time πŸ˜‰
                So let’s be friends like school kids cool and innocent once again.
                Lots of love Cherry and Miriam and Sorry Sangbad no one had intention to hurt you its just these friends of mine love me too much! You should also visit their blog they both are awesome writers!
                Now can we all smile please ☺

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  1. Very beautiful poem. I think you described perfectly how I always told myself to push sad thoughts to the back of my mind, because crying is for the weak (it’s not, though, but I had to learn that).

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