Inspirational Blogger Award 

The day after declaring my blog Award free I’m unable to resist sharing this last one as it is given so lovingly that I cannot deny accepting it. 

Thank You so much for this honor. Friends do visit this blog it is one of the most beautiful blog not only for writing but in presentation too. 

I’m sharing this post on my blog along with one of your poem which is my favorite-

No,don’t say goodbye.

That is such painful word.

And is not just an word.

Goodbye is an eclipse over the sky of hope.

Goodbye is an hurricane, it will take away all the smiles.

Goodbye is an storm,it will take away the calmness from the heart.

Goodbye is an heartless warrior,has not companions.

Goodbye is an wind,it will bring sadness over the field of flourished love.

It will bring tears.

So please don’t say goodbye.

Inspirational Blogger Award

My  nomination goes to

Interactions with poems on the blog always inspire me to create more,to think wiser,to feel deeper.

The rules of this awards are

To inform the blogger that you nominated for the award.

To share the Award  on your blog.

To share on your blog one of the posts,articles,poems,prose ect. of the nominated blogger.

To post  a link of an post which is written as inspirational outcome of blogger that you nominated.


”Are there enough stars
In lap of sky
For everyone to have one
AndCraft a new life
Under its light
Shining and bright
Illuminating with tranquility
Opening new entrance
To enter in that peaceful world
Where there is unshakable smile
On every face
And spiritual glow in every eye!
Are there enough stars! O sky!
My turbulent heart needs a reply!”

I get inspired even when comment on this such beautiful poetry

Here is my comment on the poem


”Stay in love
Look how beautiful is the sky
Feel how beautiful is your heart
I hold an star for you here in my soul
And the sky is still beautiful without it
Stay in love,stay in my heart,stay in my lines💞

Thank you

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            1. Not at all! Your comments shows how much you love me! And healthy debates are really fine. I’m sure he too is fine he is like a younger bro to me! We all are like extended family and these little things makes bond even more strong! All well! ☺

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