​ Lush#Daily Prompt#Attempt 82#Haiku 2

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest 

Flying in the air

Lush scarlet colour of love

Dyeing all hearts red

Dripped in golden light
He paints our days
With sun shine
With strokes of silver
He paints our nights
Making it colourful
Beautiful and bright
He is the finest artist
Crafting numerous crafts
From earth to sky
The lush green on earth
The vast blue in sky
All colours blend
In rainbow to give
A master stroke
Creating such a colourful sight
How lucky
We the choosen one are
To be able to
Enjoy this lush beauty
Of that great artist of sky!!

27 thoughts on “Lush

  1. Today am confessing that I wait for your poem to come up…I love the way you say complex thinkings in simple ways as if it is a trivial matter to have complexity…nailed it again Ma’am…

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    1. Thank You so much Miriam!
      My brother’s health is same as it was. He has lost all hopes and his faith in life. In short he don’t want to live but as we know life and death are not in our hands. We have to take all breathes he send us with…
      We are just praying and treating him for his acute depression. Let’s see…

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      1. I know in situation like this, it’s harder for the family than the one whose health is failing. They maybe so discouraged that they just want to go. It’s the ones left left behind are the ones who have heavy hearts. Will continue to pray… may God’s will be done!! Pray for your comfort.

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            1. Yes I have one sister! I’m eldest, my sis is 2yrs younger and brother is ten years younger than me.
              I too believe in power of prayers and know its miraculous working. It was power of prayers that saved his life in 2015 although there were no chance.
              I’m glad you have so many to pray for you! Include me too in this list.


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