Tremble#Daily Prompt#Attempt 79

Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

Did you notice
The Tremble in my voice
When I confessed
My feelings for you
The very first time
Not only my voice
But my legs trembled too
I barely held myself upright
Standing on the ground
With you on my side
Not only my legs
But my soul trembled too
As it knew
I was creating a distance
Between me and you
By sharing what we both knew
But not allowed to confess though
Not only my soul
But my tears trembled too
In a rush to flow outside
But I managed them to hide
Behind my shaking smile
Not only my tears
But my love trembled too
As it knew
It’s not going to be accepted
No matter how much it suffered
In silence for so many years!


39 thoughts on “Tremble

  1. What shall I say…am speechless or am overwhelmed or s’thing else…you never stop surprising me (and many others like me) by getting us hit by your deep blue thoughts in the most simple words…Ma’am you nailed it again…

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  2. Writing prose on a prompt daily is a bit easier task but moulding the words in to poetry is definitely a task to admire. Hats off for your wonderful efforts Ms. Sethi. Slowly on a daily basis becoming a fan of yours too.

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