Scent#Daily Prompt#Attempt 72

First attempt of Haiku with some old family pictures of my parents, sister, brother and me!

Old picture album
Oozing out scent from pages
Of old memories

As I opened an old album

A faint scent

Arose from its pictures 

With turn of every page

It grew stronger and stronger

Scent of that garden 

Where we played together

Scent of 

Mom cooked food

Which we shared together

Scent of rain soaked ground

Where we used to walk

And sing song together 

That aweful scent of your socks

That you used to tease us

Making us go mad with anger

And then

Ending the drama with 

Uncontrollable laughter 

Scent of childhood 

Scent of kinship

Scent of growing together

Scent of memories

Rising from those clicks

Which we captured 

And saved in pics!

May we lock more such scents

To watch years later

In pages of these albums

So that we could say

We lived a life full of

Scents of love and laughter

And our time together as a family

I wish we may…

21 thoughts on “Scent

  1. Ma’am, at last you have done Haiku…there’s one blog of Ray Donovan and he invented Freku…Free Verse with Haiku…he had set few rules for that…and you just had tried another variation of that freku…and you have nailed it again ma’am…am going to reblog this…

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