Yellow#Daily Prompt#Attempt 70

Picture credit:-Pinterest 

Tearing away the black covers
Powerful Yellow light
Enters the world
To dry all the tears
On face of her beloved earth
With his warmth of love!
Gloomy, black clouds
Or long dark nights
Could never seprate
These two lovers
For long
Love is powerful
Love is strong
To fight all odds
To wipe all darks
Replacing them
With golden glow
Giving message to universe
No dark is dark enough
To defeat the sparkling sun
And can never diminish
The bright light of
Victory and happiness
Spreading positive aura
Reflection of love!

24 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. I think it depends on the people involved. If two people put their foot down and decide that they will not let go of each other no matter what life throws at them then they are unstoppable together. Nice message here.
    Nice to visit your blog.

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