Filter#Daily Prompt#Attempt 68

While filtering my cup of tea
I tried to Filter
My memories
In an imaginary sieve
With astonishment I realized
There is no filter inside
In my heart and mind
I have no control
Over my memories
Like a puppet in their hands
I laugh or cry
Whenever they choose
To pass through
Depths of my heart
Towards gates of my mind
And just like water cycle
Forming heavy dark clouds
Unable to bear the load
They pour out rain
From window of my eyes
Making me realise
You still control my smile!

48 thoughts on “Filter

  1. I LOVE your opening lines!! “While filtering my cup of tea/I tried to Filter/My memories” I love to drink tea, and I never thought about the metaphor of filtering my thoughts or memories like tea is filtered through the infuser. Thanks!

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    1. Thank You so much Theresa! Tea and my heart are in a close relation πŸ’–
      Many times I try to control those memories which make me sad but in a vain as they bubble up later and only get silent once I let them do their work… πŸ™‚

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  2. Again nailed it, Ma’am…like everyone I also love the first three lines…actually the whole poem…am going to reblog this…i like the line “They pour out rain/ From the window of my eyes/ Making me realize/ You still control my smile!” most…it s’how reflect my condition s’times and often…

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  3. If all of us actually take out time for ourselves just to ponder on our activities,we would literally cry on the unknown facts that we may realize.Wonderful poetry.You words have a nice flow!

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      1. Haha….glad to know this!! 😊😊 And best way to enjoy it is having it with someone….in an earthen cup (kulhad)… along with piping hot samosas!!!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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