Oversight#Daily Prompt#Attempt 64

You must be wondering
Is it my Oversight
Or I’m totally blind
Or deliberately I avoid
To acknowledge all
Your heartbreaking acts
Your mistreatment and insults
You must be wondering
Why I still treat you as God
Forgiving all wrongs
And not reacting
To any of your tantrums
Don’t waste your precious time
To reach the answers
They lie in secrets of my heart
The door is locked
And key is with me
In my patience
Which no one can steal!

29 thoughts on “Oversight

  1. Yes. Quick and harsh judges as these… I’ve never such met before. There is but one. And man is to allow the perceived wrongdoer correction, so that atonement can be made; otherwise, they act as judge by withholding that opportunity from the person. They, therefore, become the same executioner as all the others.

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  2. It is a beautiful post Meenakshi!!
    But start using rather than being used
    Or else you will feel more abused
    I am trying to work out same
    You treat them like Gods as expected
    They start believing they are
    And suddenly you become degraded in their eyes because you gave them an upper status and now they look down upon you.
    Lemme give example
    You are on middle berth of train, they enter at lower or middle, you work upon making them sit on the upper while you lie in middle
    Then they look down at you
    And over time treat you as someone lower to them
    You get sad and makes you feel like sitting on the lower berth or floor at times
    While they continue to blame you for your, his and their miseries while sitting on the upper berth.
    And they never budge an inch from their upper berth babe
    You have to pick yourself up for your own good and survival
    And you can’t figure out ki saala hua kya or kese hua

    Those berth are the energy levels we operate in

    That’s my perspective to it. Yours might vary but I have seen same pattern in lives of many.

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