Marathon#Daily Prompt#Attempt 57

Strange Marathon of my thoughts
Bring me back from where I start
Illusionary tracks confusing me
Where to end, from where I start
This never ending marathon
Disillusion my vision
Not giving me any conclusion
Tired of running this race,
I close my eyes to catch some peace
But from marathon of thoughts
I fell in marathon of dreams…
When I wake they exchange their tracks
And again bring me back 
To a set of new marathons
Marathon of being a wife
Marathon of being a mom
Marathon of keep managing
One after other marathon
Marathon of desires
Marathon of responsibilities
Marathon of searching ways
To end these marathons
This is a never ending race
Till there is life marathon of breathes
Will keep us running
One after other many marathons!


17 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. Am going to informal to praise this one…Ma’am, you simply take me on a marathon of steps and responsibilities that a lady has to take as she leveled up by age followed by responsibilties–s’time levied, s’time necessary…

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  2. Life is a marathon …
    We all are it’s participants
    Some run fast
    Some walk
    Good and bad sights on the way
    But we keep on moving
    Some moments are happiness
    Some moments of sadness
    Some moments being together
    Some moments are lonely
    But we keep moving on
    Some marathons of life are long
    Some are short
    Life is a marathon

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