Unseen#Daily Prompt#Attempt 55

Unseen parts of my soul
That are unknown
Even to me
Keeps revealing themselves
At right moment
For right purpose
Whispering life’s many secrets
Either spiritual or practical!
Every soul is hiding
In layers
Disclosing itself
And unfolding life
In front of us…
Life travels
From seen to unseen
Searching, revealing
And getting answers
To reach its final destination
Of the one and only
Omnipresent Unseen!

30 thoughts on “Unseen

      1. There probably are some songs out there but I was thinking of the movie, The World Unseen.. If you happen to watch it, will you tell me if you like it??

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  1. You’ve just put the turmoil and exploration a soul goes through at some moments of life. It’s more than deepest thoughts–blue might be, perhaps, the perfect word to go with the word thought.

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