Exquisite#Daily Prompt#Attempt 56

Exquisite neat arrangement
Of petals of rose
Enhance its beauty
Showing his artistic stroke
With perfect colour
And exquisite fragrance
Attracting lovers of beauty
Ignoring its thorns…


33 thoughts on “Exquisite

  1. Was about to comment in a blog about the poet who manages to write a poem EVERY day to fit the daily prompt — then suddenly found no poems from you. Was wondering whether you stopped – afflicted by the writer’s block I experience some times, lazy, postponing…procrastinating…going blank. Then I found this poem again. Nice to be reading again. I follow only 2 poets you and ‘Love It Now’ on WordPress.

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    1. Thank You so much sir! Yes sometimes post gets delay due to my busy routine schedule. Though I try to attempt daily! Doing it from last 56 days without a miss.
      I’m honored to know you follow my blog. This is a big reward for me!


  2. Wonderful… I was wondering if you had a philosophical thought behind the last two lines-“Attracting lovers of beauty, Ignoring its thornsโ€ฆ”. I felt it said something like, people who can see your inner beauty will ignore your thorns or faults. I don’t know if you meant this, or if I’m just over thinking. Well, great job as always.

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  3. It’s beautiful Meenakshi
    They fall in love with rose
    Blinded by the scent
    Couldn’t see the thorns
    And see that rose as
    Perfection magnified
    Later when they
    Visit the garden
    Time and again
    The scent seems ordinary
    And the thorns become prominent
    And they blame the rose
    You were hiding the thorns
    For so long
    The rose replied
    They were out in the open
    There wasn’t any cover
    The rose stood there
    As the season passed
    The thorns become prominent
    And the rose shed it’s petal
    In submission
    Once celebrating it’s beauty
    Then fighting for it’s truth
    It finally gave in to submission
    The onlooker was happy
    That he was proved right
    And the thorns were prominent
    The rose embraced silence
    It knew it’s truth
    And waited patiently for it’s
    To bloom again happily

    Was just trying to comment but somehow couldn’t resist writing.

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