Capable#Daily Prompt#Attempt 54

“How boring are you?
Fragile root
All your life
You are hiding yourself
Beneath the ground
You are an introvert
Shy and coward”
Making her fun
Tree laughed at her
In his pride!

Hiding her hurt
Politely root replied
“Oh proud tree!
Don’t you know
Who is nurturing you?
I may look fragile
But I’m Capable enough
To give you my support
Its me who keep
You stand upright
Instead of praising me
For all the support
You are making fun
Of my sacrifice?”

She paused and
Swallowed her tears
Further she said
“Its my humbelness
All my life
I stay below and make you rise
I never ask you
To share the credit
That you get
From all the world
For being enrich and giving
And they call ‘You’ kind!
Poor humans
Able to see only outer beauty
How poor is their vision
Which forbids them
To look inside and see
The reality behind!

Even after all ignore
I’m never going to withdraw
My support!
Maybe someday you will realise
Your growth is attached with mine
My growth below the ground
Will strengthen yours
And you too will rise!

Now there were tears
In tree’s eyes
Finally he realised
His shallow pride
And looked lovingly at her
With all due respect
As he was debtor of her
For his precious life!


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