Tempted#Daily Prompt#Attempt 46

Before throwing in a haste
All the left over of your plate
That was filled in delight
On a lavish party night
Just try to remember
The Tempted eyes
Of poor street kids
Turned into skeleton
And next time
Be A little kind
Instead of waste, please donate
Some of your food
And feel delight
And satisfaction
Instead of temptation 
In those little eyes
So spread kindness
And try to be human!


24 thoughts on “Tempted

  1. A wonderful context to use the word ‘tempted’. A small point. I guess it is a typing error. “little kind” means not kind. “A little kind” means a small amount of kindness. So I guess the line was meant to be “Be a little kind”. Do correct me, if I am wrong. Loved your poem.

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    1. I always feel sad to see tons of food getting wasted in weddings and other parties Radhika. This is really waste and dishonor of the essential gift of life. I wish people should be a little kind to donate instead of waste food. I used to donate my lunch when I was in school to kids living on roadside. It was a well preserved secret for almost two years till one day my mom caught me 🙂

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        1. Yes whole of my lunch…☺ but it cost me too I turned the most underweight girl of the class and anemic too. Although the happiness I used to feel while donating food was greater than it 🙂


      1. You were so thoughtful but I was such a kid as a kid also such a foodie
        Most of my childhood photos are with something to eat in my hand.
        I am kind to others at human levels.
        My mom is a working woman and as a kid she once gave me pakodas (fritters) for lunch but forgot to keep the tomato ketchup
        I remember skipping lunch that day alone

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