निकले तेरी तलाश में

लो खुद को भी खो दिया

तूने हमें और हमने खुद को

ये कैसा धोखा दिया

क्या शिकवा करें तुझसे

ऐ खुदगर्ज जिंदगी 

तुझे जीने की चाह में

मौत को भी रुसवा किया

न तो तू ही हमारी बनी

न ही गले उसे लगने दिया।
In search of you

I lost myself too

You cheated me

And I cheated myself 

How can I complain you?

In desire of living you

I dishonored death too

Neither you became mine

Nor I allowed her 

To give me company!

18 thoughts on “तलाश/Search

      1. So true sir! These are my hindi poems originally and I just try to translate them for my non hindi readers but जो मिठास व बात हिन्दी में है वह English में कहाँ। Thanks you so much!


  1. Then I realised
    I have hands of mine
    I slapped you for cheating me
    And my hands felt amazing too
    Then I slapped you again
    With my success on your face
    I have ditched death way back
    But was fearful of embracing life
    With empowered hands
    I grabbed my life
    Pulled her towards me
    And kissed her hard
    Death shied away
    Now there’s life
    Always holding my hand
    My hands her magic wand
    The little me
    That makes me feel
    Stronger like a supawoman
    You couldn’t win my heart
    But you gave me my darling
    That steals a many
    Just with the flash of her smile
    And shine in her eyes

    Didn’t want to ruin your poem but it ended on a sad note and I couldn’t resist the urge to give it a brighter end 😍😘

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