Thank You 2016

Neatly folded
Wrapped in silk
I tucked it
And stored within
My treasure basket
Decorated with
Beads of emotions
Beautifully embedded
With jewels of
New found notions
There too are some stains
Of hard learnt lessons
The fabric has
Contrast combination
Of smiles and tears
Bravery and fears
Some patch of faded relations
Somewhere stitched carefully
With thread of compassion
With so much vividity
It became dear to me
Adding colours to my memories
Giving life a new meaning!
That was well spent 2016!!

29 thoughts on “Thank You 2016

  1. Wishing you a very happy and memorable New Year I cannot help admiring your indomitable spirit of writing one poem EVERY day to match the Daily Posts’s suggested word. Poets have poetic license to break rules of grammar and idiom and so don’t bother much about them as there will always be someone to find fault. Even after writing for a living for the last 58 years, I am unable to muster the enthusiasm, energy and diligence needed to write a post every day, especially when I know very few people read and even fewer appreciate, what someone else writes.
    Perhaps by blog’s title UnstoppableAfterSeventy is a misnomer and I need to stop.

    Wish you all the best

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    1. I have no words to say thanks to you. Your words are so inspiring and like a certificate for me. I appreciate your visiting and reading my posts. Please don’t stop writing. I admit I have not visited your blog much due to my busy schedule. But its a promise that I will visit it soon. Keep writing and inspiring us.
      Thank You so much and A Very Happy New Year to you too!! 🙂

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  2. Such a beautiful summarization of the year Meenakshi. I am so glad to have friends like you on WP who weave magic with their words. A huge fan of your poetic skills, I would be greedy to read more from your pen. Have a great year ahead. Lots of love 😘❤❤

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