Hopeful#Daily Prompt#Attempt 42

Somewhere away from
This chilly cold wind!
In a sunny, warm, open field
A shepherd is singing song of love!
Lost in thoughts of his beloved!

Somewhere away from
War and blood!
Two kids are nibbling
Home made bread!
Peacefully ignorant of devil’s threat!

Somewhere away from
Desert’s burning heat!
Dancing on the rain drops beat
Beautiful girls are laughing loud!
Safe from heat of sandy ground!

Somewhere in a snow covered peak
The mountaineer are facing chilly storms of wind!
Far away from heating zone where
People are dealing with heat blow!

Somewhere in mid of flood
Rescue team is working hard!
To save life from overflowing river
While away in a village draught

Hopeful villagers are praying for rainfall!

Somewhere in the skies above
Far away from complexities of earth
The creator is smiling watching it all
The bounty of nature and its contrasts!

Somewhere in our little brave hearts
We are dealing with such contrasts
Emotions, feelings our present and past
And life is beautiful equation of this all!

30 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. Somewhere away in the darkest night, there is a fainting thread of light, peeking down from the sky, giving hope to whoever looks up, making the feet light to carry on the journey, to the unknown of life. Happy New Year and have a wonderful time all year long, Meenakshi!

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