Renewal#Daily Prompt#Attempt 40

Just as spring brings
Renewal of dead leaves
She brightens my smile
When she calls me ‘mom’
In her delicate voice!

Just as every sunrise brings
Renewal of new day
She renew my life
When she hug me tight
Elated and in delight

Just as positive signs brings
Renewal of hope
She brings me light
When I see faith
In her beautiful eyes

Just as rain brings
Renewal for rivers
She fills me with joy
With her little efforts
Making my heart and eyes sparkle

She is my pretty daughter
Who loves me like an angel
Treating all my scars and hurts
Decorating my life
With her overflowing love!


18 thoughts on “Renewal

    1. Thank You Deepika. Yes you are absolutely right. It is a renewal of our bond and love. We both had our dark days too, conflicts, arguments etc etc but now we both are getting mature as mom n daughter and getting close and no doubt love was is and will always stay there! Thank you for reading and encouraging me! 🙂

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