Pillage#Daily Prompt#Attempt 39

Left abandoned
Without giving reasons
Who cares for reasons though?
Even if I come to know
Pain will keep growing
In its flow
Life will go on
Fast or slow
With shallow breaths
In and out
Ticking of clock
Day and night
Days will turn in weeks
Weeks in months
Months in years
And life will end
Without making sense
After death
How would I know
What was the reason
Why was I abandoned?
Put an end to this Pillage
Of my peace and emotions
And let me rest in peace
For my remaining days!

20 thoughts on “Pillage

  1. Once I read a question in quora- how can I experience more pain to get inspired to write about it- I bet it was a man, women don’t have to ask for it and they don’t ask such monkey questions lol.
    Sometimes you don’t know, but you have all what others crave and wish for so savour every bit of your life and I actually relish every bit of your poetry. It’s such a vivid expression of what many go through.

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    1. Thank You so much Cherry! Every colour and taste of life is worth experiencing. Cherishing every bit of what life presents is best thing to do. When you can’t change or revert it enjoy it … 🙂
      Thanks for your inspiring words 💖

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