Retreat#Daily Prompt#Attempt 37

The Retreat of waves
From the shore
Shows the hurt
Of rejection and ignore
From heartless lover
Which never accept
The emotional wave
No matter with
How much force
She claims
And try
Again and again
She has to Retreat

Every time
Empty hand and
With broken heart
Always rejected
By the proud shore
Who throws her back
Towards her home…
Poor wave
Feeling inferior
Doesn’t know
That shore has
No identity of his own
He has gained
All his fame
From efforts of wave
Who keeps decorating him
With sea shells
Which she leaves behind
Everytime after her retreat!
And the fact that
Shore would be barren
Without her dance
And sweet loving song!
Or maybe she knows
But madly in love
And being so humble
Never shows…
So with her Retreat

She keeps on
Boasting his
Male ego!

23 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. Shore would be barren, Without her dance, And sweet loving song!, Or maybe she knows, But madly in love, And being so humble, Never shows…” Beautiful lines Meenakshi, shore would be really barren without her being there in each and everything so wonderfully worded in your few lines and then to take a quick retreat and not say anything but just to observe and keep quiet. Lovely.

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