Ovation#Daily Prompt#Attempt 38

Sky gives standing Ovation
With thunder and light
Clouds pour rain
From heavens
And make her smile
Stars wait
For their turn
To come out at night
To greet her
With their sparkling
White shine
Moon appears in
Full attire to brighten
That sight
Every particle in nature
Tries to salute her
In its own unique style
Whenever any brave girl
Here on earth declares
She will not accept defeat
And will win this fight
To live her life
Challenging every inequality
Against all social evils
Rape, abuse, acid attacks
Killing of girl child
In her womb
Stabbings on her soul
In any form
And when she refuse
To play victim
Any more!
That day every substance
In nature
Honour her
For her brave decision
Giving her standing Ovation !!


27 thoughts on “Ovation

  1. Given the high ratio of men: women in India, Girls are born fighters and the fight goes on their whole life. At times to protect themselves, at times to protect family. At times to create a being and make a family. Even nature bows to the one who makes a building home by bringing soul to it. Even nature bows to a pristine soul. Beautifully written. Loved your piece.

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