Calm#Daily Prompt#Attempt 34

We were two stars
From different galaxies
In desire to meet
We descended on earth
But this illusionary time
Interfeared, otherwise
We could have collapsed
With each other
But we crossed our path
Just as two good friends
We will go back
To our respective galaxies
After solving life’s complexities
And we may plan again
In some other life time
To meet on some other planet
Where time has no meaning
Where there no rules apply
To connect with each other
For that precious moment
I will keep my Calm
And will wait…
To meet you
Outside the realm of
This earth, and its orthodox ways!
Till then keep me in your thoughts
Until we are free to share
Each other’s heart!

Image courtesy-Pinterest 


54 thoughts on “Calm

  1. Painful poem, who knows what tomorrow holds. Since it’s new year look back, did you plan to be here? But you are. Don’t rely on afterlife. Go grab your star, let the dust fade away the rules and celebrate your new year and life.

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    1. Cheers (cling)…
      Sounds that make
      Me So happy
      That every time
      I Cheers (cling)
      With mocktail glasses
      In your company
      I smile broadly
      With gleaming eyes
      And chat non stop
      Till you get tired
      Listening me
      For hours continuously
      And cling…Cheers
      We keep on hear with
      Glass after glass
      Alcohol free
      And keep on (cling) 🍻
      Cheers madly…πŸ˜ƒ

      Good morning and..cheers (cling)
      This time it’s tea…enjoy (cling)

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