Moody#Daily Prompt#Attempt 30

Moody is a mood

Not for everyone to afford

Moody kids

Not easy to handle

Moody friends

Like burning candle

Moody moon

Changing its shape

And moody sun

In wintery days

Moody clouds

Not bringing rain

Moody partner

Going insane

Moody students

Not ready to listen

Moody songs

Playing with emotions

Moody life

Stealing smile

Moody death

Can snatch anyone

But Moody me

I can not afford

This is a luxury

Being a woman,

A mom and wife

I can not buy

This moody tone!

I’m busy in

Dealing with


Swings of  mood!

33 thoughts on “Moody

  1. Love the poem! You describe beautifully the complexities of life. I am not a parent but I still can relate to your poem. For me is about learning to stay present. It is about staying open to all of life that is sent my way. Thank you for your poetry.

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