A Tribute! 

This poem is a tribute to my beautiful friend who left this world today afternoon, after spending five years in coma. Though she was of age of my grandmother but the bond of friendship we shared was unique.  We were just like soul mates. The time we spent together will always be remembered by me as precious gift of heaven. I used to call her Maaji! Our connection was divine is proved today when at exact time of her leaving this planet I saw her in a vision, in fully awakened state. With love I’m bidding goodbye to my angelic friend till I join her there…

Freedom enveloped her
In it’s warm protection
And took her away to her abode
Freeing her from all noises
All cries, of this shore
Those who are left behind
Are Crying
Calling it cruel game of death!
But I’m smiling
A peaceful smile
As promised years ago
As only I know her secret
That she shared
Just with me
Her wait is over today
She will meet her soul mate
After years of wait
Away from all lies
In blue of skies
Where she will celebrate!!
Though I will miss her
On this planet
But I know
She has only left her body
Our souls are still connected
They are not limited
With time and space
I too will join you ‘Maaji’
(That’s what I used to call her)
Although our souls have no name
But she will definitely wait
For me to meet her there
As she was/is my true
Soul mate!!
With heavy heart flowing with love
This is my tribute
To my dear friend!
She was many years older than me
But our friendship was ageless!!
You will stay alive
In my thoughts
In my heart
In moments we shared
In our little jokes
And big secrets
In that warm hug
And tears we shed
Of sorrow or happiness
Till I reside
In this body
Tied with beads of breathes!
Then we both will meet again
To take our friendship
To next level
Till then please wait…
This is just a short goodbye
I will join you there
My dear friend
Oh! My lovely soul mate!!


61 thoughts on “A Tribute! 

    1. Thank You! Yea I’m OK as I lost her almost five years ago when she went in coma. I feel good for her as her sufferings in this body ended now. I pray peace for her. She is always there with me and we will surely meet somewhere after this life.

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          1. Aaww that’s beautiful to hear. It’s always nice to have a wiser friend who had experienced much.
            You always learn so much from them and they understand really well too.
            I’ve always liked befriending women much older than me, it’s so much enriching, don’t you think?

            Liked by 1 person

      1. So sad 😔😔😔 i know…but that’s life! Maybe think of it that way that she got released from the pains of the body and this world 😔 .. memories will keep coming of course

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