Fishing#Daily Prompt#Attempt 29

What is love?

Is it just about

Fishing compliments

From our mate?

Or about writing 

A whole new chapter 

On a new clean slate!

At innocent age of five

It is just an innocent smile 

For an adolescent 

It is little more

Exchange of shy glance 

Or some note

At age of twenty 

A little more interesting 

A kiss or hug

What defines love

When the marriage knot is tied

With promise to spend 

One’s whole life

With some stranger 

Of parent’s choice

Giving it name of love

For whole life!

Should we label it as love? 

No this is not enough!

To define love!

Love is a bare burning truth

It can melt the poles of earth

Love is entirely selfless act

So it never claims but just share

It doesn’t and couldn’t limit its mate

Giving freedom and seeking the same!

Like sun and earth

Like moon and waves

It is powerful and brave!

Giving warmth and strength 

To their mate!

No matter if they are

Not together by fate!

Love is not limited to us humans!

It is in every paritcle of universe!

Love is not just four letter word,

So it can never be spelt but only felt!!

23 thoughts on “Fishing

    1. If sharing your soul matters and writing is important to you, you may find them here. My parents met on a blind date; a friend met her husband in an interest-based activity she signed up for; another met her husband in a chance encounter at the mall. A prayer might be helpful, especially augmented if done at a location of someone known to be attached to auspiciousness of these sorts. Your “bashert” (the one meant for you) is out there; it’s often not easy to find them. Good luck to you in that and in life! Keep up hope! Sometimes it happens when you least expect it!

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  1. So good to know that there are people who believe in true, selfless love which is far beyond the ‘ my heart skipped a beat’ love so famous today! Well written Meenakshi πŸΌπŸ’™

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