Maddening#Daily Prompt#Attempt 28

My thoughts cry,
As they miss someone
My life cry,
As it is not satisfied,
My days cry, behind
Fake smiles,
My nights cry,
To fight loneliness,
My heart cries,
It is stabbed many times,
My soul cries,
It wants freedom
From this life,
All cries but my eyes
They protest…
To accept the request of
These unshed Maddening tears
Pleading to get freedom
And flee away…
From this cage of eyes!


29 thoughts on “Maddening

    1. After her demise I learnt about her life and struggles and I must say being Jayalalitha is not easy at all… From Jayalalitha to Amma…I appreciate her courage. And the way she shine even her inner world was as lonely as her eyes used to speak.
      This was not for her but many women in our society leads a life this way…lonely in crowd!

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  1. But soon I realised
    What I miss is me
    That was the vantage point
    When I learned the art
    Of selfishness
    And found my lost being
    The smile renewed
    The shine of eyes
    I have me
    I don’t miss myself

    Loved your piece, just felt like adding a little up to your story.

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