This poem is written in hindi, using many urdu words along with its english translation below, which was a big challenge for me this time ☺

ऐ खुदा यह तो कोई इंसाफ नहीं!

भरी भीड़ में एक हम ही तो गुनहगार नहीं!

कौन है जो आरज़ू से घिरा न हो?

कौन है जो तमन्नाओं का तलबगार नहीं?

हमारी चाहत तो दूर रहकर साथ चलने की थी,

पर तुझे तो वह भी नागवार लगी..

वफाएँ हमारी नाकाबिले हिमायत निकलीं,

बेवफाई ओरों ने की पर वे कसूरवार नहीं..

क्यों इतना कम आँका गया मेरे सपनों का जहाँ?

बात जब उनकी चली तो कोई हिसाब नहीं..

हम तो खुद ही खरीद आए थे कफन अपना,

मेरी मौत की दुआ से उसने यूँ ही जुबां खराब की..

जिन्हें महरम समझ हम अपना मान बैठे थे,

घायल तन पर आखिरी गाज़ उनकी ही गिरी..

जीते जी जो दो कदम न साथ चल पाए,

वे मेरी कब्र पर आने के भी हकदार नहीं..

कहना न आँसू बहाएँ वो मेरे जनाजे़ में,

जो आज मेरी हँसी में हिस्सेदार नहीं..

मेरे इश्क को जुनून समझ हँसने वालों,

पत्थर हो तुम जो सीने में तुम्हारे आग नहीं!


O God! Have you done justice with me?

Am I the only one who is guilty?

Who is free of desires here?

Who doesn’t want to fulfill dreams? 

I just wanted to walk beside him,

But you didn’t approve it as if it was a sin..

My faithfulness was treated unworthy gesture,

But even betrayal was valid when done by others..

Why world of my dreams was not valued?

While treating others you were so generous..

I myself was preparing for my death,

His asking for it in prayers was useless..

Whom I was considering my close one,

Made the last attack on my injured soul..

The one who never tried to walk with me,

Shouldn’t come to visit my grave after my death..

Ask them not to shed tears on my last journey,

Those who were not with me in my happy moments..

Those who are laughing at madness of my love,

Are stone hearted if they have no fire within them!


14 thoughts on “फरियाद/Appeal 

  1. Heaven hell everything is here. In this life. Those who get sadistic pleasure by mocking at others are building their own walls. Laugh with others not at others. As of those who ditch someone, they are ditching themselves for they won’t be getting anything from anyone else. The world is not run by critics but those who appreciate also and act to improvise themselves hence others.


  2. You wrote this?? Even your urdu is so good!!! Blown away by each line and the emotions in it!!… superb!! Absolutely superb!! You know by the time i have reached this post, i have developed the habit of liking first and reading later because i know im going to like it!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You did an excellent job!! I also love urdu and a fan of urdu shayeri! But my urdu is not good so i derive happiness from reading works of other great urdu poets…and therefore gems like this one here give me a high!! 😊 Now im tempted to nudge you to start writing in urdu as well more often now!! 😁😁😁…you are soooo talented really!! I am your big big fan now!! 😇😇 So impressed…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m just an ordinary homemaker and teacher this fan is a bulky word. But really thank you so much for inspiring me. Writing in urdu is a soulful thing comes naturally. Let’s see when can I write next in this sweet language. ☺

          Liked by 1 person

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