Flee#Daily Prompt#Attempt 24



Your coming and going in my life
Is just like moon’s phases in sky
Sometimes full shining bright
Sometimes lost out of sight
Sometimes using your killing half smile
Sometimes appearing just for a while!
Sometimes you spread your bright light
Sometimes blind in anger you only fight
But then you have mood swings just like moon
For my dark nights you are like a boon
You left me in a mess disappearing once again
But I’m hopeful you will appear soon With a new phase!
Full and bright!
Erasing my darkness
Making me shine!
But don’t Flee away again,

When you come back this time…

38 thoughts on “Flee

        1. Hi Kamal! I’m good! When are you sharing your another beautiful story? Waiting eagerly! 🙂
          And its all right I appreciate every view of each one of my reader…in a way one should say when moon keeps on appearing and disappearing, someone needs to tell him the same 🙂 so you are right!!

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          1. Ya and dear i have already shared my post on Mother Teresa, you will like it very much cause her one liners on adding value to your life is so beautiful and what a woman was she, Meenakshi. Thanks dear for writing so beautifully. Have a look and then let me know your superb comments. Take care dear.

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  1. The way you expressed the irony of truth, that it’s a moon and as a pattern you know it might leave but you want it to stay is beautiful. Loved it.

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  2. And our Moon is slowly distancing itself from the Earth..hope it doesn’t vanish forever!
    Lovely verses that are tumbling out like the tides and I am sure the moon will heed to your beseeching request!

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  3. Amazing!!
    With this i have read all your posts now!! Each one was so awesome! You really have a gift of writing and able to express normal emotions which are either difficult to do so or are overlooked. Salute your talent!! Keep writing and treating us to such awesome works…
    PS: sorry for the avalanche of notifications you must have received by now 😁😁😁

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    1. A poet only needs these kinds of feedback to write more! These days I’m lacking this talent to write.
      But your words are inspiring me to write again!
      I’m really thankful to you for your precious time spent to read all these poems and commenting generously!! 💖🙏🙏☺

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      1. Yes please do keep writing and treating us to more such poetic delicacies!!! No im thankful to you for sharing your works with us!! Such a pleasure….keep it up!!

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