Martyr#Daily Prompt#Attempt 18

With destructive weapons
The game of blood shed
Has been played repeatedly
By terrifying beastly dragon
But unable to quench his thirst
For human blood……
And equally beast are those
Who call such demons Martyr
After destroying themselves
In this game of blood shed!
Terrorism is a beastly game
In which peace is the one
Who is a Martyr !
Stop playing it in
Name of religion!

19 thoughts on “Martyr

      1. It is all about greed and genocide. But, as long as evil roams the earth, it will not end until the Creator returns to rescue us. Two things about life I will never understand are suffering and death. But, after a lifetime of horrific suffering, I have become thankful for it. Now I can give back. Crazy though that this is a master plan of an almighty creator. The big bang makes no sense to me at all.

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        1. Sometimes we learn from sufferings and these things change us and help us understand life better. But I wonder after such sufferings,so much in us die…what left is not really life. What an irony we learn to live after something inside die in us.

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  1. Absolutely marvellous Meenakshi and a martyr is the one who is always killed due to terrorism. All wars r unnecessarily fought in the name of religion when religion does not exist we r all one but all made completely crazy 😜. Great lines.👍👍👍👍👍

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