Vanish #Daily Prompt#Attempt 17

This time I won’t break

The silence you left

For me to guess…

Without giving reasons

(You left…)



This time I won’t cross

The oceans

Spreading miles n miles

Between us…

(Like I used to do always)



This time I won’t allow

Any comments or judgements

To be passed on me

To shatter my self esteem

(I have started respecting me)



This time I won’t accept

Any rudeness

Insults and blame or

Your shouting on me

(Or any excuse for doing so)



This time I would detach myself

To release you

From my heart and thoughts

Once and for all…

(Atleast I could try, I guess)



This time I won’t go weak

I have turned my heart

Into solid steel

To stand still

(If any part of my heart is still left)



This time I will show you

How can I live

With pain inside

Still be happy living my life!

(If I can call it life and not death)



This time no other time

Will ever come

And you won’t hear

My pleading voice ever again!

(As dead people can not talk)



This time we are not going

To meet in person again

Now you could see me only inside

My grave…

(If you ever wish to come back…)



This time…

Like always

I am again helpless

So could vent up

Only through my words

(As I am broken and dead)



This time nothing will change

As my anger is just a light flame

Which will Vanish in thin air

As soon as it see you again

(Since You  and I are two bodies but our soul is same)


24 thoughts on “Vanish

  1. I really enjoyed the way you repeated “This time ..” phrase to start each stanza. It was really powerful, and I feel like the repetition built up the anticipation for how the speaker (poem writer) was going to change over the course of the poem. Nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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