Echo #Daily Prompt# Attempt 13

Let’s decode why we crossed

Each other’s path

When we were total strangers

In this world so large

Still destiny brought us together

Not once but again and again

Even our life frequency were not similar, still…

Our hearts recognised each other

And we became friends 

From acquaintance!

Was it all planned somewhere?

Could it be stars who conspired?

How would we know?

What was the reason? 

Why our heart’s entangled 

When we couldn’t have 

Any future together!

The Echo of these questions 

Rising inside my head

Often makes me restless…

But I’m decoding this riddle

With help of an angel

And soon I will get freedom 

After joining scattered

Pieces of this puzzle…

And could be able to

Stop this deafening Echo

Of these burning questions! 

Image credit: Pinterest


28 thoughts on “Echo

  1. Wow Meenakshi what a poignant poem on Echo and you wrote it so beautifully, I am stunned reading it and each and every word is an Echo in itself. The ending of your poem “Stop this deafening Echo Of these burning questions!” so true in themselves. Loved the poem and what an apt pic as well.

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  2. All people are connected in ways we sometimes can never know. It’s supposedly to help our souls learn what we need to, so the person may sometimes seem to have been an odd choice. I think that’s a pretty good explanation.

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    1. Thank you friend for understanding the concept. Yes all of those who cross our paths have been connected to us in some way or other and few of them have very close connection from past lives or from some other sources…sometimes one of us catch this connection but other takes time. This all is very mysterious but interesting. Thanks for your views!

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