Obsession Or Love?


You told me it was my obsession

And I accepted this accusation

Deciding I need to change myself

I took the charge!

And approached my heart

To him I asked-

“Hey! Are you incharge?

Of feelings and love!

Please tell me if I’m obsessed ?

With my feelings in love?”

He looked at me

With sympathy and pity

And replied-

“See I am not free

For clearing these blames!

As  I’am damn busy,

In running night and day

To keep alive your body

Which is out of shape!

I keep beating myself,

In pumping the blood

To this out of shape body!

And here you are-

Asking me these silly questions!

Yes you are obsessed!

But not in love!

Please don’t waste my time

As you can see

How busy am I?”

So I left my heart

To play his part

Of keeping me alive!

But as you said-

I was obsessed!

How could you be wrong?

So again I thought

And this time

A little wise!

So I went to ask

My mind who is smart

May be it was his fault?

Politely I asked-

“Hey are you free?

To solve my difficulty

Tell me very honestly

Is it you behind it all?

That I am obsessed!

With my feelings in love?”

He gave a loud laugh!

Showing he is very smart

Asked me in response

“Have you gone crazy?

Can’t you see I’m so busy

In solving troubles of your life

As I know you are not wise

To live a smart life,

Without my suggestions

So I have to give directions

And here you are-

Asking me these silly questions!

Yes you are obsessed!

But not in love!

Can’t you see

How busy is me?”

And with this insult

I left with a hurt

My mind to do his work!

To find solutions of

My complicated life!

But I was so sure

You could never lie!

When you told me to check

That I was obsessed!

I need to find

Which part of mine

Is doing this crime ?

So I searched for my soul

I was sure she would know!

I asked her same thing-

“You are essence of my life

Because of you I’m alive

So please be my guide

With honesty without lying!

Why you made me obsessed?

And confused it with love?”

Slowly my soul smiled!

And hugged me tight!

She whispered in my ear-

“O My Child!

You are misguided!

As you are not obsessed!

You yourself are love!

You and me are one

We came here to learn

And also unlearn!

Some lessons of life

Which include affections

Also love and light!

We are here to know

True meaning hidden behind

Your existance and mine

Which is nothing else

But love light and shine!

There is no such thing as obsession!

And love is not a crime!

It do not need validation

Neither it ask for possession

It is another name of God!

Life emerges from love

Love is life’s essential part!!

When my soul gave me reply

My heart and mind too smiled!

Forgetting they were busy

They came and all get unite!

My soul, heart and mind!

And they all became one

Dissolving all confusions

Which arise for a while

As deep I already knew

What exactly I feel for You!

So I guess you got your reply!

This was not my obsession!

But may be in this learning process

I stole your peace of mind!

So I need to let you go…

As you are free in your freedom

To live your own life!

To write your own story

On pages of life

According to your choice!

Wishing best for you

I will keep loving you!

From a distance entire life…

As my love is not obsession!

But essence of my life!

And reason that I am alive!!


54 thoughts on “Obsession Or Love?

  1. Your work is great. I have never been a huge reader unless something is very catchy or unknowingly pulls me in through the end and your work did that. Very glad I found your blog on the meet and greet. Looking forward to reading more 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. WOW WOW WOW Meenakshi. This is Awesome. Brilliant. You took us readers to your Heart, Your Mind and Your Soul. I was watching in Awe as you posed you questions and returned with your answers. The Soul said truly, that Life comes from Love and Love is a Part of Life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Cattie…yes I sometimes wonder when I look around that some people don’t even know what this feeling is…and they are happily living their life just like two hands of a clock. Running all their life round n round.
      I feel lucky that at least I know what love is and what loving someone is…
      Thank you for your encouraging words! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow… i dont have words to appreciate this… but i must say it’s 5 in the morning and i have got goosebumps reading this…. u shook my soul….. just awsome… i will look forward to u for further soul shocking movements… Thankyou for creating this….u r amazing…

    Liked by 1 person

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