पुकार/A Cry

This poem is about the pain and unheard pleas of all those women who are victims of domestic violence,emotional and physical exploitation, rape or crushing of their dreams by ruthless society or inside four walls of their own homes. The english translation is also given below!


टूट गया तन टूट गया मन

बिखर गया विश्वास का दर्पण

डगमगाया संबल कातर हुआ जीवन

लहुलुहान घायल है चितवन

तू है पतित तू है पावन

समस्त सृष्टि का पालनहार

तेरी माया क्यों खेल रही फिर

मेरी आत्मा से खिलवाड़

कभी कटुता से कभी पटुता से

अनगिनत हुए दिल पर आघात

न्याय में प्रतीक्षारत सत्य

सहता रहा अन्याय की मार

चाहा नहीं धन चाहा न वैभव

केवल चाहा आत्मसम्मान

सहेज रखा है तिनका तिनका

अपमानों से निर्मित नीड़

पलकें मूँदे जिसमें अवचेतन

सम्मान पड़ा है प्राण विहीन

कब तक स्वार्थ का चतुर बहेलिया

फैलाएगा घातों के जाल

कैद में जिसकी तड़प रहे हैं

निःस्वार्थता के मासूम विचार

कभी त्रेता में कभी द्वापर में

धारण किए तूने अवतार

कलयुग यौवन पर है आया

क्यों घबराया तू अब की बार?

A Cry!

My spirit is broken

My heart is broken

My faith is shaken

My life is shivering

Without any support!

Oh lord!

You are holy!

You are pure!

You are preserver!

Of this world!

Then why your Maya is playing

Games with my soul?

Sometimes with tricks

Sometimes with deceits

My heart was stabbed

Enormous times

While awaiting for justice

The truth kept bearing

The strokes of injustice!

I never asked for money

I never asked for glory

All I wanted was self-respect

Which is lying

Unconscious and lifeless

Inside the nest

Made of insults!

For how long?

This clever hunter

Will keep exploiting

My generous being

My innocent thoughts

Which are captured

And suffering

Inside this trap!

Oh lord!

In each era

You keep incarnating

In different Avatars!

The darkness of this era

Has reached to extreme

Then why are you hesitating

To reincarnate this time?


40 thoughts on “पुकार/A Cry

  1. Wow, Meenakshi. So difficult. So painful. Your heart-poured rendering is felt. It is also now heard. Do not ever think that G-d doesn’t hear or respond. He does, in ways we cannot fathom or understand, for His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways. Thank you for the recognition you can, and have, brought to others by your work. So very important, and so understood. Thank you. (Perfect artwork for your poem)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi! I’m really sad to know that you went through all this! Please keep your strength and fight it all! You have the power to reach and reshape your life!
      My wishes are with you and I can understand the pain you went through…love and hugs*


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