Back To Happy Life!

Let’s awake the inner child

Sleeping  inside,

Our aging bodies!

And live once again,

The life which we claim,

A gift of Almighty!


Let’s have some fun,

Playing with toy gun!

Which is better than

Harsh words,

With which we play,

As adults!


Let’s dance in the rain,

Forgetting all our pain,

And wash down all shame!

Let’s live once again,

Singing like birds,

Forgetting our hurts!


Let’s enjoy every laugh,

And spread innocent smiles!

And when we feel bad,

Let’s accept and openly cry!

Just like a child,

Without feeling shy!


Let’s play with bubbles,

Forgetting our troubles!

Let’s fly them in air,

And let our lips incline,

In an infectious smile,

And create a beautiful life!


Let’s do some pillow fight,

And fly with our kites!

Let’s make some paper boats,

And shedding all our inner load,

Immerse them in rain water,

Enjoying giggles and laughter!


Life could feel so right,

If we stop our inner fight!

And act pure as child,

Since that is our true nature!

We have emerged from light,

Which is as pure as child!




Credit of this poem goes to Radhika’s latest post- ‘Awaken the child in you’ on her blog Radhika’sreflections!

Her heartwarming post inspired me to write this poem! So please visit her blog and read her magical words! 🙂


66 thoughts on “Back To Happy Life!

  1. It’s very catchy and glittery to read…That was an age when mythological stories only considered as the true one… Missing those fertile days…
    You poured some magnetic words which can totally brighten anyone’s attitude.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. It’s simple really. Play. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Explore. Any one who seriously wants to hear what it sounds like to play should listen to children doing it. Talk about a meditative experience. It’s pure joy! I’m 61 years old, and I still enjoy playing. When I realize how much…I laugh out loud! Today’s adults are most likely going to live a long time. I couldn’t imagine living life any less than golden. Throw your hands up and say: “Yeah!” Now bogey on down. As the pleasure chemicals surge through our bodies, and our brains fire in excited glee, we feel more alive, and that is what makes it worth doing!

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