एकाकी / Lonely

है मोन जो अनमोल वह, किन्तु- 

अनमोलता का मोल क्या?

दूर भीड़ की वाचालता से

खामोशी ने तन्हाई से कहा-

“शाँत एकाकी रह हमने

जाने क्या क्या न सहा?”

है धीर मन गंभीर किंतु

अधीरता का सागर वहाँ

घर छोड़ कर बहने से पहले

आँसुओं ने आँखों से कहा-

“फिर लौट कर आएँगे हम तो,

चाहे जितना लो तुम बहा”

सीमित सीमाओं की सीमा में

असीम आशा का घर कहाँ?

समक्ष खड़ा अनुभव किया जब

हैरान हो साए ने कहा-

“चलते हुए जीवन के पथ पर

स्वयं मैं तुम्हें खोजता रहा।”

अटूट रिशते से बँधे थे दोनों

फिर भी दूर न थीं दूरियाँ

स्वीकारता हूँ मौन हूँ

तन्हा भी हूँ, किन्तु-

हर पल जीवन का मेरे कह रहा

रहा भीड़ में हरदम मैं लेकिन

हाय! कितना एकाकी रहा।

An attempt to translate my original poem from Hindi to english( but translation affected its beauty)-

Silence is priceless

But what is the value of priceless?

Away from crowd of people

Silence speaks to lonliness-

“By living silent and alone

How much we both have suffered

This patient heart of mine is 

Full of impatience now”

Before leaving their abode

Rolling tears told the eyes-

“We will keep coming back

No matter how much you cry ”

Within limits of limited limitations

Where is the place of limitless hope?

When my shadow felt my presence

Surprisingly it questioned-

“While walking on road of life

I was in search of you all the time

We were so close to each other

Yet distance between us 

Was miles n miles”

I accept I am silent and alone too, but

Every moment of my life is telling me

Though I always lived among the crowd 

Still my loneliness was so loud!

53 thoughts on “एकाकी / Lonely

  1. Silence, loneliness and tears not a positive combination together …..but in life all us pass through this path at times, and when the tears say we will come back no matter how you flow, it is heartbreaking !How fo you get so much of emotion into your verses?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh no! Meenakshi, I loved your poetry. I agree when you say life is a mixture of all spices. To understand the importance of happiness and positive energy we do need to experience tears. Then we emerge stronger. My question to you was, how do you get that melancholic emotions into your poetry. It is definitely not easy, and you do it exceptionally well, hitting the right chord always.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank You for always appreciating Radhika!
          To be honest I myself don’t know how I write. It just come out as flow. Sometime I feel someone sitting inside me is dictating me all this!
          All of my poems took just five to ten minutes to emerge fully. I do the editing part later 🙂

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  2. lovely! “my shadow questioned my presence” omygosh, brilliant!
    to see this piece first in Hindu, which I cannot read but has beautiful lines, I appreciate it more. you have an amazing talent, keep going 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WoW!!! absolutely fantastic poem…………..this translation was not as great because some words don’t even exist in english……..but it still was very good…….and i just loved the Hindi poem……beautiful!!! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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