Innocent Or Accused?

Your coming back

With spring in your step

Or leaving unannounced

Which should I trust,

Was actually true?

Your loving response

Or your leaving out of blue?

I am so confused!

Where I went wrong?

What was the reason?

Was I innocent?

Or am I accused?


57 thoughts on “Innocent Or Accused?

  1. Thank you for your healing poetry and beautiful presence, my precious Sister. Let them go again for now; let them go in peace. Let your light shine bright with the ones who love you in this moment. All hurt and confusion fades away in the presence of this gratitude.
    Hugs in our heavenly special place… ❤ Leon

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                    1. Wishing you Happy Diwali Meenakshi. I wish you get all query answered this festive season. You are more than humble and kind . Thanks for your valuable time and beautiful words .

                      Love talking to you.

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