eyes and iceberg

My tears are shy

They refuse to come out

In front of anyone

They need a dark corner

To let me cry

As they are very shy

They keep on increasing

After every hurt,

Heart break

Events of shame,

Insults and blame

Behind these eyes

Who are clever

To help them hide

Every time I try

Opening their reins

To let them run loose

But they just refuse

To come out and make free

My heavy bulging heart

Unable to bear more weight

So I need some solitude

For a day or may be two

To free my inner self

By shedding them all out

Between floods of them

I want to immerse 

All my pain

Of so many years

But these unshed tears

Now freezed into

Rocks of icebergs

Difficult to melt…

52 thoughts on “eyes and iceberg

    1. Thank you!
      Tears are healing only if they come out at time…sometimes they freeze beneath the burden and frozen feelings. At such times heart needs to release all negativity, pain but eyes refuse to help and one can not cry even if we try…it happens and believe me not good for our mental health!

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      1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. It is all part of the process, allowing is the key, I feel. I trust the process …however arduous at times, I believe it does shift. Be kind as you retreat to your own heart …

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      1. Me too, countless times! Thank you for letting me know and giving me so much joy, my dear Meenakshi! Sadness can be so beautiful, and souls swaying together is Heaven!

        What do you say now, shall we celebrate and dance a bit? Change was originally the Prelude to Yanni’s Love Is All.

        Ever grateful for you πŸ’– Leon

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        1. Yes sadness can be beautiful…love gives you joy even in sadness. As in sadness we keep that one even close to our heart and in our thoughts!
          Always ready to celebrate when have company of friends like you! πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi Meenakshi, I’ve landed here following Radhika’s link and, I’m really happy to be here.

    Tears are shy, really, they refuse to come out in public. And, sometimes, as you’ve said, the drops just crystalize making the burden of grief heavier…

    Wonderfully penned… πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank You so much Mani (hope I can call you that) I’m glad you liked it! Yes tears are shy and sometimes egoistic too…they refuse to come out for someone who is the reason of their formation!
      Its good to see you here!

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