I’m trapped that is true!

But who said

I will stop living dude?

I will paint dreams

On canvas of my soul

And will achieve

My new set goals!

You can trap me, but

No! You can’t stop 

My growth…

You can never stop

My growth!

As I’m

Not fire of gas stove

I’m burning desire like sun

Which can light 

Your whole globe!!

It’s just my humbleness

Which make you think 

I’m trapped!

Secretly I’m growing wings

To fly away

To the land of dreams

Where I will be free

In my freedom!

And no more trapped!

Like a criminal!


41 thoughts on “Trapped!-2

  1. Wow awesome , this is truly a classic poem Meenakshi. Just wanna ask that did you meant the canvas of the soul or the campus of the soul. Anyways I think we can trap only the body of a human being , soul is eternal and free steered by mind who is blessed with infinite power of imagination. Loved your work.

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    1. Thank You so much Vishal! And thanks for correcting me. In a hurry I didn’t see my mistake! πŸ™‚ I will correct it.
      True soul can not be trapped but till it is inside human body we feel we are trapped.


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