So it is declared-

I’m a criminal

My biggest crime is 

Being a woman

Second is that 

I am married

Still I seek freedom!

And I didn’t stop there

I even have some dreams…

How could I?

When I’m kitchen queen?

No! No! correction here

Not queen

I’m a slave

Still I took the liberty

To weave life

Being an unpaid employee

How dare I?

Attempt one more crime?

My job is to

Keep everyone happy

Though they will 

Always find a way

To make me feel guilty

How could I deny?

That I have not done

The crime?

Since I’m accused of

Coping well with smiles

Although its a luxury

To which I have no right!

Being happy while 

Living a miserable life

Is my next crime!

How can I outshine?

So being a criminal

It’s my punishment

To suffer till 

Last day of my life!

As there is no escape

From this jail

I am Trapped! 

And no one can 

Give my bail. 

P.S.-Not every poem of mine is my own story! Sometimes they are inspired by situations around me. 

46 thoughts on “Trapped!

    1. Our male dominated society, treats women like a slave, property or a display thing who don’t have the freedom to express themselves and its really a very unfortunate and shameful way to behave towards one who are in no means less than them!
      Thank you Radhika for your views!

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        1. From one trap to another…sinetimes trapped in our thoughts, desires, in relations and even in our freedom we are trapped!
          Yea this is also true! πŸ‘
          But some traps are deadly than others!


                1. I can’t come out of this trap true!
                  But who said
                  I will stop living dude?
                  I will paint dreams
                  On campus of my soul
                  And will achieve
                  My new set goals
                  You can trap me, but
                  No! You can’t stop
                  My growth…
                  Can never stop
                  My growth
                  As I’m
                  Not fire of gas stove
                  I’m burning desire like sun
                  Which can give light to
                  Your whole globe!!
                  Never underestimate
                  Power of even
                  Trapped woman πŸ™‚


                  1. This is beautiful positive side with in you. you have come up with right analogy of sun and stove.

                    you are having burning desires for growth get going.


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