Life Unborn

In loving memory of

Her departed parts

Whom she always carries

In her heart

She still burns a lamp

And grieves her loss


She still is a mom

Of her unborn babies

Who never made it

Out of her womb

But she carries them

In her heart!

Imagining their

Unseen innocent faces

Two soft feet

That never touched the ground

Those little fingers

Which she could never hold

And that fragile unheard voice too

With beauty of all these

Heart melting never seen memories

Which she can never feel now

Her heart fills

With love and loss

And eyes with floods

Stirring emotions

Which she secretly

Locked inside her!

But she knows

Deep down that

She will always stay

Mom of her angel babies

Who entered and passed

Through her

As an unborn life

Turning her lifeless…

Looking at the sky

She send out some prayers

And lots of blessings

For the souls

Who choose her

As a medium

To enter the world

But returned back


Will they ever

Forgive her

For her cowardice?

Image courtesy: Pinterest

54 thoughts on “Life Unborn

    1. When emotions overflow and there is no other way to stop there flow, they came out through my writing them down! I lost two babies, and when that time of year approach I just feel myself a criminal for letting them go! Even passage of many years are not able to erase this pain.

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      1. I am sorry to make u answer me. I do understand the pain of unhealed wounds. Even few days back i happened to pray for my unborn brother whom i lost nearly 20 years ago. If i feel the pain, I can understand how much more it will be for you being the mother.

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  1. My wife had 2 miscarriage too and it devastated me I blame how life is hard more often.
    Honestly I wrote a poem posted on my Facebook page titled unborn child (Love) last August 5, and Red Lantern In The Sky. Poetry sometimes is our venue to express what we feel and to heals the pain.
    I love what you written Meenakshi, and I know how it feels

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  2. This is not good poem Meenakshi hope I won’t ruined everything on your post.
    Here it was :

    Unborn Child (Love)
    I asked myself
    What if, you two didn’t left
    What if, you came out
    On this world
    And I touch your cheek
    Then you snort
    While we giggle
    In my gentle arm
    You were afraid to fall
    We can walk in the park
    As if in our lifetime
    Do not care
    What time it was
    The fireflies
    Passes as we lay
    Smelling the grass
    Under the stars
    But life is unfair
    Sure it is
    The early moon
    In the doorstep
    I whisper
    I know death better
    Than life
    No doubt about it
    I won’t be laughing
    The way I was
    And smile sweet
    As a sunflower envying
    The entire blue sky
    At night
    The wind
    Bleakly blowing
    along the greedy fence
    Light from the tower
    Down the lonely mountain
    Across the south
    Goes on and off
    On and off
    Like it was a sad song
    From the
    The oldies
    Where you can see
    Sole trucks
    Bumping on the gravel road
    And the driver
    Longing for bed
    Leaves falls down
    In the pouring rain
    At monsoon season
    Were everything
    Turn green and sadful
    I’m the saddest person
    In the world
    I don’t pretend
    At all
    As I closes my eyes
    You two was there on my lap
    Caressing my chin
    Feeling the deep breathing
    In my chest
    In the universe
    Then I know
    It wasn’t a fake smile
    I made
    At all

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    1. Ohh! This is Awesome poem definitely dripped in pain of loss. But one thing in all this that touched my heart is that a father too can be so sensitive towards this great loss!
      I must say though your wife has to bear this pain but still she is lucky to have you by her side!
      Its my honest and heartiest wish that those two lovely souls could and should reach you either in this lifetime or after it!
      They were and are yours! Wonderfully written! Hats off to you!!

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      1. Thank you, father also felt the pain although we hardly shown it but inside it was a great deal and it’s true and I strongly believe that someday or somehow I will hug them and tell them that I’m their father. Some people don’t believe in life after death but I do and I know they were out there somewhere also longing for me and their mom and their siblings. Have a nice day ahead Meenakshi and God bless

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  3. I see no coward or criminal in your Light, my loving miracle of a Sister. Here’s a warm embrace to help you forgive yourself, because God knows your angel babies have forgiven you. I pray that they soon send you soฮฟฮฟ much love that you know beyond any doubt. โค Leon

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  4. A beautiful tribute to your unborn babies. I too had twin girls, they were full term but still born on Dec.13 over forty years ago. I also wrote a tribute to them called Angel Dear.

    By: Patricia Salamone

    Littlest angel ever so near,
    my heart is weeping, can you hear.
    I held you in my arms
    and felt your breath upon my cheek,
    I gently kissed your face you were just so weak.
    Your little hand held mine,
    your face was so divine,
    I looked into your eyes,
    you looked back into mine.
    As your life ebbed away and the night
    turned to day I held you close to me,
    you reached your tiny hand up and
    touched me with a sigh, you smiled
    a little smile for me as if to say goodbye.
    Littlest angel ever so near
    my heart is weeping, can you hear

    I know how you feel. Bless you.

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    1. I’m not alone im my pain…though it is never easy to admit such things! I’m really very sorry to hear about your loss. Your’s is even bigger than mine. Losing twins that too after their birth…the pain is unimaginable for me!
      Big hugs to you dear friend!
      Such an amazing words came out of your pain! A pain dripped beautiful poem!

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  5. Very powerful and touching… We honor those whom have left our presence with poetry, with thoughts of them, with the love we hold for them, and with our own healing. Safe Hugs~

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