Shining Secret!

Last night The Sun 

Appeared in my dream

Dressed in attire of 

Golden rays with 

Sparkling beams

He told me 

The secret of 

His strength

The reason of his glow 

That can never end…

He never let the fire 

Of his passions die

On cost of burning 

He always shine!


55 thoughts on “Shining Secret!

        1. I am following the portal! But just clicked on the link and reached there! It seems good, the content and topics you choose but the blog looks very busy busy…it should be little soothing to eyes I guess! Though I don’t have any experience in this field! I wish you luck with your book blog! May be I could learn from it too πŸ™‚


          1. Thanks a million. I am in the process to un-busy it. lol I think the same thing. My problem is fascination with my own dumb graphics. Duh! I’ll amend my ways by the power of love from on high. Again, thanks. πŸ™‚

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              1. I am in Amman, Jordan. It’s 5:42 am. Been sleeping since my last comment. Maybe I can keep my eyes open for a bit to continue the quest.
                Here is the link to get the book in case you wish to download it,
                This will be the first volume of the series. It has a price. The rest of the series will be free. I already started on the next volume. Hope you can get it.
                Much love, thiaBasilia


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