We Are Same In Pain!

We both are same in our pain

Killing each other in this hatred game

So are tears that our families shed

Since colour of blood is always red

Loss of loved one here or there

Is always same no matter where

As we are always same in our pain!

We descended on earth in form of humans

Then entered ego of being man or woman

Then we divided ourselves in boundaries of nations

This way we grew many useless tensions

And started wars to win the game

Forgetting that we are same in pain!

Stop! Says God-you maddening heads!

End this game of bloody blood sheds

You keep on searching peace and light!

While walking on path of endless fights?

And then you play this game of blame

Remember you are same in pain!

Life is life whether yours or mine

When it ends before its time

Cries of loved ones tears walls of sky

Earth too weeps when humanity dies!

Stop shedding blood on country’s name

When soul leaves body it is same in pain!

Stop it! End this! Pleads the life!

Mothers, sisters and dying soldier’s wives!

Still are waiting for their return to home

Please don’t break their trust and hopes

Don’t kill since you have to win this game

Since no one deserves to bear this pain!



Image credit-Pinterest


41 thoughts on “We Are Same In Pain!

  1. This is a wonderful piece of poetry Meenakshi. It touches the minds of those who want peace, but then will all take heed to this, those who fight wars in the name of peace, will this ever end?

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