To Reach Inside!

These lights of wee hours

Dancing under the tiny stars

Different shades of blue, black, amber

Eerie sounds from ghostly chambers

Serenity mixed with deadly silence

As if earth is being abandoned

Lifeless roads, looking long and bored

In these wee hours it is pleasure to walk

On a journey towards our inner path

With a peaceful mind

And a determined heart

When universe is vibrating

With breathing of the heart

This is the time to reach inside

Connect to self and here you will find

The peace of mind 

Which we are searching outside!

20 thoughts on “To Reach Inside!

  1. I second what radhika has said and early mornings (pre dawn hours ) are indeed one of bliss and serenity. Loved the verses which seemed to be unleashed at will. We, the readers have reached the pinnacles of spirituality through these lovely lines!

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