​Tired of chasing,

Tired of running!

I want to rest now,

I want to sleep forever…

At some place untravelled,

Somewhere very far from

All of my scars…

Where dreams can’t reach,

Where desires don’t exist,

Where I can meet me,

With a peace in my heart,

Where I don’t have to run,

And nothing to be chased,

Where my past don’t exist

And no future to belong,

Where I can live in Now

And I’m my own star…

No more broken heart,

No more tears to fall,

Where I can write

My story on sky’s

Big broad wall

No rules to follow,

No pain to swallow,

Just silent beats of heart!

No one to judge,

Without any grudge,

Just me and my world peaceful and small!


Copyright © 2017 All rights Reserved Wings Of Poetry, Meenakshi Sethi


26 thoughts on “Desire!

  1. Many of us long for such a peaceful place at some stage in our lives. Sometimes the worries of the world and/or our own personal trials can simply weigh too heavily and we need to leave them behind. As you say in a comment above, perhaps meditation is the answer.

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      1. Hi Meenakshi. You don’t seem to have an About page, so I’ll just say here that I’m very happy to meet you, and will look forward to reading more of your lovely poems. I love your header image! It’s really beautiful.


          1. Hi Meenakshi. I know what it’s like when you first get started. If my daughter hadn’t had a WordPress blog, I’d have been really lost! 🙂
            An About page usually has some information about the person whose blog it is. Some people write very little, others write a fuller page. It depends on what you want people to know about you as the author of the blog. You can add personal things or not. People usually like to know a little about who they’re talking to – where you live (generally, not the address, and what you do for a living etc. It’s really up to you.) I’ve read some really nice, friendly ones. I suggest you go to a few blogs of people you follow and have a look at theirs. Some have the different categories across the top of their Home page, other blogs have a little sign with a few horizontal lines to click on to see where different pages and categories are.
            Mine is easy to see because it’s at the top of every page of my blog, along with thw different thing I write about, like flash fiction and customs and traditions. Have a look by all means, but don’t think you have to write as much as I have done. I’m always long-winded!
            You just need to open a new ‘page’ for your About and write as much as you want and add photos if that suits you. 🙂 Hope that helps. If it doesn’t you’ll have to go on to ‘WordPress Help’.

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